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All You Need to Know About Parental Control Software

With our children spending more time than ever before at home, with many of them still distance learning and using technology such as computers, tablets, phones and online programs to get their schoolwork done, itís more important than ever for parents to truly keep eyes on what their children are really up to online.


How To Use Screen Time for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

This guide will help you to setup and configure Screen Time for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.


How To Keep Your Children Safe Online

20% of children who access the internet have been sexually solicited. 25% has seen unwanted pornography. More than half of teens have received an email or instant message from a stranger and half of them have replied.


Dating Sites Online Games Cyberbullying. Is Internet As Safe As You Think

The online world has many advantages such as making it easy contacting other people, keeping in touch with friends and getting involved in each others lives even we are thousands of miles away from each other.

However, Most parents are not aware of what their children are facing through online chats, mobile applications, or innocent looking games.


How Parents Can Deal With Inappropriate Content Present On The Internet

Content on the internet is not classified into age or suitable areas and without control and regulation, a child can either accidentally or knowingly check content, which is extremely violent, sexually explicit, or unsuitable. Inappropriate content possesses a safety risk and can result in mental and emotional damage to children.


School Administration Warning About Disturbing TikTok Video

A recent video that is published on the popular social media platform TikTok has created a considerable amount of concern among parents and school administrations.


6 Undeniable Benefits of Online Content Filtering

Unlimited access to the internet causes more harm than good, especially for minors. That is why content filtering is crucial to all online users at the home, school, or workplace. The benefits of installing a Content Filtering software are evident once you learn how it protects you and then take the necessary measures.


The Dangers of Online Casino Game Advertising

Online gambling has moved on considerably since the introduction of online gambling in 1990's. Today, the global online gambling industry is valued at US$46 billion and is estimated to more than double in size to US$94 billion by 2024 and threatens many underage internet users