Legends: Miss Dior

Legends: Miss Dior

Today, "Miss Dior" is perceived as another, even in places tired, luxury fragrance. But many do not even know how long ago its history began and how triumphant it was...

Before becoming a famous fashion designer, Christian Dior managed to open a private gallery and go broke on the it is possible to travel around the USSR, weave carpets in Spain, draw sketches for fashion magazines, and even visit the war.

At the age of 41, he registered the Christian Dior brand and opened his own fashion house. He made the first collection called New look a revolution in the fashion world, which during the war years had almost forgotten what full skirts, crinolines, tight bodices, hats, gloves and heels were... From the very beginning, Dior believed that any image should be completed by perfume, and in the process of preparation, he thought about what fragrance could become the embodiment of a new style. He was supposed to be the same legendary, as is the entire concept of femininity "from Dior"...

Two people worked on the fragrance in the new look style – independent perfumer Paul Vache and the chief of the famous company "zhivodan" Jean Carle. Odin knew all about perfume bases and could provide the best ingredients, the second one had an uncluttered look and interesting ideas.
Together they created a delicate chypre of citrus, oak moss and floral haze, in which rose, Gardenia, Jasmine and Dior's favorite lilies of the valley shimmered. It turned out to be a status perfume for already grown-up and well-off girls with character. According to legend, the name they were named after Dior's younger sister — she was the very
Miss Dior...


The New Look collection was shown in February 1947 in a mansion on Avenue Montaigne. At the entrance, model girls stood and sprayed all the guests with a new fragrance, showing off a crystal bottle in the form of an elegant amphora. Advertising posters for "Miss Dior" were drawn by the artist Rene Gruot, who with a couple of touches could create such an intrigue that today's marketers could not even dream of. I like it very much, and one day I'll write about it...
Immediately after the show, the rich ladies went crazy in the trying to find the "Miss Dior" for sale. But the first batch was quite small — about 300 bottles of handmade perfume, and you can only buy perfume after ordering from the Dior Atelier. But by the time the open sale began, half of Paris was already dreaming of Miss Dior!

Advertising from Renee Larose

The bottle has undergone many transformations – on the glass appeared a relief pattern of a broken cell "Pepita", it was elongated in a stele and a simple "Cologne" shape, with a black bow, with a white bow, with a pear, a splashy, with a picture of "Pepita" on the ribbon, with a rectangular or oval emblem, and also appeared different volumes and concentrations. In short, you can roughly calculate the year of production from the bottle – the design has changed so often.

And that's not even half of it...

We got "Miss Dior" in 1959, when the house of Christian Dior models came to town. This was unprecedented event - for the first time in the USSR, a fashion show of the Western fashion house took place! Dior himself was no longer alive, and the collection was represented by the new head of the house – the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. In addition to the costumes, he also brought all the perfumes that were available at that time - Miss Dior, Diorama, Dior Eau Fraiche and Diorissimo. The models were obliged to go out to people in Dior dresses and perfumes. The famous shots of models walking through Moscow streets have spread all over the world! And they made an impression not to say in our favor…

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Famous photo shoot of Live magazine

But all our women - from market vendors to Ministerial wives-wanted to look and feel like Dior girls. And if the chosen ones could afford such outfits – it was much easier to buy a bottle of perfume. So "Miss Dior" continued its triumphant March around the world…

In 1992, "Miss Dior" returned to its retro look – a rectangular bottle with a relief "Pepita", but with the fragrance itself was changing. It was adapted to modern tastes and requirements of IFRA, removed oak moss and a number of other components, removed the sharpness of the chypre and brought to the forefront of floral freshness. Since then, each reissue has moved further and further away from the original title. original's.

Miss Dior Original Extrait de Parfum-a reformulation of the fragrance of 1947

In 2005, to mark the centenary of Christian Dior, the first Flanker, the fruity – chypre Miss Dior Cherie, was released . It quickly gained popularity and became overgrown with its own reissues, moving to from flankers to an independent line. The face of the fragrance was first the Belarusian model Marina Linchuk, and then the actress Natalie Portman, who has not conceded the post for almost 10 years.

The first face of the fragrance is Marina Linchuk.

In 2008 the lightest version of perfume appeared - Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet. Initially, the flower arrangement was intended only for the Asian market, but fans of the brand who learned about such an injustice flooded the house with outrage, and in 2011 a more saturated European version was released. It was still Portman who advertised them. In 2014, the perfume was re-released, and in 2016 released a Flanker-Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming. The word Cherie had already been dropped from the names.

The author of everything that came out after 2006 is Francois Demachy, who heads the perfume house Dior. I admit that these are nice, neat scents, which have a huge number of fans, but in my opinion all of them have long been devoid of individuality, monotonous and little different from other flower waters. To date, the latest version is Miss Dior Eau de toilet, which was released this year.

Prices for the classic version in the "Ile de Beaute":
13 155 RUB. for 15 ml on the card
Perfume water:
2 969 RUB. for 30 ml of the Black Friday promotion
Eau de toilette:
4,980 RUB. for 50 ml on the card

The entire cycle about creating the most famous perfumes can now be found under the "perfume legends" tag at the bottom articles!

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