Why I will never buy perfume on Wildberries

Why I will never buy perfume on Wildberries

Searching for information about the Kirke fragrance unexpectedly led me to the famous " wildberry's»... I write the title boldly, since the subsequent text will not be exactly suspected in the ad.

The "Kirke" I need is already a legendary fragrance from Tiziana Terenzi, which was shared by perfume lovers are divided into two no less militant camps than "baccarat Rouge", and has generated a lot of crafts and fakes. Here is one of them I met.

Similar? The truth is not the same as the name and manufacturer of the United Arab Emirates... And then I remembered a long-standing conversation with a girl who leads a very fashionable blog on Zen, who discovered Arabic By Kilian on the WB back in the summer with a photo and the price of the original products!
I started digging up the topic and found so many wonderful things... Here I never planned to buy perfume on this site, and now I warn others - think about it! once and a hundred times check!
Here is another fragrance from the same "brand" - just to laugh:

You score the coveted Chanel Chance Fraiche in the store's search bar, the search engine finds a match, but... If you don't want perfume with the name "Change channel", it is better to change the store.

If you look at the range, then everything is beautiful - everything from
Yves Saint Laurent to Creedis available , but here's the thing... if you put them in the shopping cart and click on "Show sellers", you will see their names and contact details titles. Do you think there are many official suppliers among them?

Useful function

I'll tell you one. This is the WB itself, which represents the perfume Rouge Bunny Rouge. Brand (surpriiise!) Russian, so I could get to them directly. What the store itself sells is generally less suspicious . most likely, the ad platform has a contract with a manufacturer or official supplier.

In an attempt to unravel this tangle I wrote to some brands and so far they have responded only Montale, YSL, and Kilian. The first said that they could not guarantee the originality of perfumes that were not purchased from official representatives and gave a link to "Il de Botet", the second said that l'oreal distributes the brand's products, and Kilian replied that neither the IP nor the WB does not cooperate and also sent to the networks and boutique. This, by the way, leads to a conversation about "there are only fakes in the networks".

Official sales map from Montale and Mancera

In principle, standard answers and it is clear that you can outbid everything from everyone, but what kind of Resellers are they, that they outbid and what they sell on the WB is a big question. I've tried a few - some are actually registered as a perfume seller, but most are engaged in anything but bottles. I don't say anything about IP at all.
For example, let's look at
Mancera, which has a Declaration of ownership attached to its profile. accordance:

The Declaration was received by a certain legal entity, which no longer appears anywhere - a microenterprise, which according to official data is not engaged in perfumes. There are no seals or signatures, but if you look in the search, then the Declaration of compliance it doesn't look like that at all... But the same document exists, for example, in Kenzo, where the legal entity is listed as "Seldico" - it is a large official supplier, but the seller on the site is still a private reseller...
If there is someone who understands the legal subtleties, please tell me - what is this document?
More from interesting. WB smoothly turns into Avito, otherwise how to explain the appearance of this:

Not even a sole proprietor, just a private person, since the store works with the self-employed... What is this perfume, where did it come from, whether Byredo is a fortune - telling on coffee grounds. The WB itself ignores questions on this topic.

If it occurred to me to buy perfumes there, I would not be afraid to order perfumes except from our manufacturers. At least there would be no sense of a lottery - they are unlikely to be forged in principle. Moreover, I found an example where the manufacturer is listed and the seller is listed at all an ideal case, possible only with our brands... But even here there are many surprises! For example here:

Flor de Mayo is a Spanish brand that also has these baby perfumes on its official website. But, what is most interesting, they are also on the site of the NZ, but in another in the box and with the indication of Turkey as the country of manufacture! That will get enchanted by the buyer - who cares?

The same perfume on the manufacturer's website

There is a fair amount of clutter in the shop Windows. for example, the same Amouagehas Russia listed as the country of the brand. Whether this is "Ammunition", why there are only four positions, why from different sellers-a continuous why, why, why and a sense of cleanliness...

I feel good about WB - it has great deals and cool stuff, but I can't help but note that the store has become noticeably worse... In any case, I buy perfumes in ad networks or order them from a local store perfume and magicians, even if it turns out to be more expensive. It is not a fact that there are perfect suppliers, but at least large stores do not work with incomprehensible private customers and are generally more picky. As for multi-brand online stores, manufacturers do not give any sales rights - this is generally all overbidding from official ones distributors... well, or if you're lucky. I was lucky, I didn't work for fakes.

Hello, Tom Ford from Turkey!

In principle, #wildberry has fairly strict rules for cooperation - they will check the company for legal purity, but the quality of the product remains on the conscience of the seller. And judging by the fact that I sometimes received-the sellers there are very different... Resellers are fine, but I personally will not buy a product whose seller is a sole proprietor or a company that is registered as a conditional real estate Agency. Especially if remember that the Arab "Killian" had photos of real products and no one cared about it...

P/S. What is interesting: a couple of days after the publication of the material, the brand that started the article was removed from the site.

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