Perfumes about Russia: Zagorsk, Bolshoi, Cuir de Russie...

Perfumes about Russia: Zagorsk, Bolshoi, Cuir de Russie...

"mysterious Russian soul"... this expression has permeated all spheres, especially in Bohemian and creative circles, which have always been intrigued by Russia and Russian art. The most famous perfumers were no exception and created unique scents under the impression of our company our country and our people...

Cuir de Russie


In the 1920s, Coco Chanel had a brief affair with Nicholas II's cousin, Prince Dmitry Romanov. He was one of the post-revolutionary emigrants and had made a good living abroad – he sold champagne, was fond of racing, made acquaintances in social circles and once introduced Chanel to the Moscow perfumer Ernest Bo. The affair lasted at most a year, in 1926 the Prince married an American woman profitably, and Chanel ordered perfume from the perfumer in memory of her Russian lover.
"Russian leather" is pipe tobacco, rough leather, birch tar, vetiver and many flowers. According to the pyramid, it is quite a male fragrance, although it is positioned as a female one...
In 1983
, the Cuir de Russie formula was restored by the regular perfumer of the house of Chanel, Jacques Polge, and in 2007, the perfume was reissued in the exclusive line of Les Exclusifs.
For sale "Russian leather" in boutiques, it costs about
20 tons per 15 ml.

By the way, there is a legend that Chanel No. 5 was created under the impression of the" Russian " novel - in 1920, Coco was the beloved of the composer Igor Stravinsky.

Russian Leather


Another essay on the theme of "Russian skin", but without romantic stories. Russian Leather is included in the Cuir Nomades leather line, where all the fragrances are dedicated to the skin in different types. Before creating this scent, the perfumers of "memo" traveled around Russia, and they were most impressed with Siberia. Well, of course...
The perfumers said that only in this fragrance they believe included a unique note of "frosty fern". What it is, where they found it, and how to feel it is not clear to us.
Despite the Siberian frosts, this "Russian skin" turned out to be not cold at all, and not even leather. These are cedars, juniper, moist moss, herbs, harsh Soviet Cologne, vanilla with lavender and somewhere in between leather notes flicker between them. A strong" green " perfume with a beautiful design… It costs a niche - about
18 thousand for 75 ml.


Roja Dove

For the centenary of the famous "Russian seasons", the historian and perfumer Roger Dove created perfumes in honor of the famous impresario Sergei Diaghilev. Now he would be called a talented and successful producer... He began by organizing art galleries in St. Petersburg, and from 1908 began to spend "Russian seasons" abroad-bringing paintings by Russian artists and organizing tours to Opera and ballet troupes. "Russian seasons " blew up Europe and America, and the most prominent people of the art world were eager to cooperate with Diaghilev! He organized his own ballet company, and the only country where he was not given the opportunity to give luxurious performances was the USSR.
Diaghilev's perfume contains all the Bohemian elements the atmosphere of the beginning of the XX century! A bright chypre with languid floral and woody notes, with a trail of spices and vanilla sounds in the spirit of dense retro, and if you listen, you can feel the dust of the wings and old perfumed fur… It costs "Diaghilev" exorbitant money – about 55 thousand for 100 ml.
Russian theme Roger Davout liked it and a few years ago he personally brought new products to Russia-carnation-aldehyde " Karenina "and citrus-wood"Oligarch".

Le Bolshoi


The house "Guerlain" has long-standing ties with Russia. Back in the late nineteenth century the founder of the house, Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain, received an order from the Imperial court of the Romanov family for personal perfumes, and the perfumer created Cour Moscovite and L'eau de Cologne Imperial Russe. Many years later, his grandson Jacques became friends with Sergei Diaghilev from the previous bottle, and fell in love with the world of Russian ballet. Since since this addiction is passed down from generation to generation…
In 2011, in honor of the opening of the Bolshoi theater after reconstruction, the house "Guerlain" released a limited edition
of Le Bolshoi. Over the years, a whole line of "Bolshoi" was formed: there were perfumes dedicated to the operas "La Traviata", "Carmen", "the Golden Cockerel", and the ballet "Swan lake" and perfume "prima ballerina" in honor of all ballerinas of the theater. The perfume is issued in limited edition once a year and is sold only in the city.
Even in honor of the Russian ballet, the house of Guerlain has released a makeup palette Petrouchka and eye shadow Cygne Blanc and Cygne Noir.


Comme des Garçons

In the" noughties", the niche brand presented a series 3 Incense collection dedicated to world religions. Zagorsk was responsible for Orthodox Christianity. Zagorsk is the present Sergiev Posad, a small town where the famous Trinity Sergieva is located Laura.
Here I do not think that the perfumers from the "Com de Garcon" came to Sergiev Posad, rather they created a fragrance "in pictures"…
"Zagorsk" is incense and needles, a few bath brooms, ploughed vegetable gardens, autumn leaves. A cold, rather dark and frankly synthetic fragrance. Unlike all the other characters in this article "Zagorsk" can be checked out in "Rive Goshakh", it costs
7,046 rubles for 50 ml.

Ciel de Gum

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

To mark the 120th anniversary of the Moscow Gum, Francis Kurkjan has released a fragrance called Nebo Gum.
During a visit to the city Kurgan went to this luxurious the Department store was shocked by the beauty of the glass dome... in 1983, the project of these glass floors was developed by engineer Vladimir Shukhov-the author of the famous lace Shukhov TV tower ("Shabolovka"). Image shahovskogo dome Kurkjian and placed a box of perfume.
Here, it would seem, somewhere, and in the Paris of glass domes full, starting from the entrance to the Louvre. As for me - outwardly GUM is much cooler...
Ciel de Gum is a rich Oriental woody fragrance with sweet gingerbread notes, spices and flowers. A very warm status fragrance of Moscow socialites, which you can try for a little more than 20 thousand for 70 ml...

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